Scientific Programme



We offer the best Phaco Training course in the Balkans. These courses are highly recognized locally and internationally. The phaco wetlab course is tailor-made to suit the needs of the individual surgeon. This step by step course will give the surgeons confidence to perform surgeries independently after the completion of the course.

Courses available:

· Basic Phacoemulsification Course
· Advanced Phacoemulsification Course - For Surgeons who want to learn advanced Phaco Procedures


Posterior Vitrectomy 

Posterior Vitrectomy will be taught to a very high standard in specialized Wetlabs. The new indications and techniques of surgery for macular diseases will be taught by one of the innovators in this new surgery. 

Laser Refractive Surgery (introductory course and workshop)

Course Objectives

· To obtain an understanding of the theory and science behind corneal laser refractive surgery.

· To become familiar with, and perform preoperative evaluations for corneal laser refractive surgery in order to determine a patient’s candidacy and/or risk factors for surgery.

· To initially observe, then perform (as primary surgeon) corneal laser refractive surgery. 

· To become familiar with, and provide postoperative care for corneal laser refractive surgery patients.  This includes an understanding of postoperative medications, and the management of routine, as well as complicated cases.

· To become certified in laser refractive procedures. Residents will receive on-site certification.


Descemet's Membrane Endothelial Keratoplasty (DMEK)

These two-days practical courses will provide the attendees with a broad overview of DMEK indications, including lectures and wetlab practice on human corneas.

Free practice

Participants can practice established techniques on porcine eyes in their own time or experiment with their own untried ideas. A faculty member will be available to provide advice and supervision.