Visa Letter Application

Please check your visa requirements, and in which country you need to apply, by contacting your nearest Bulgarian Embassy or Bulgarian Consulate. More information on the entry requirements and whether you need a visa for Bulgaria can be found at the website:


Visas should be applied for well in advance of your intended departure date. Please note that while we wish to assist our delegates by providing the visa invitation letter, we do not contact the Embassy or Consulate on behalf of the delegates and we are not in a position to influence the Embassy / Consulate procedures or decisions.


This invitation letter does not involve any commitments by the Course Organizers to cover fees, accommodation, travel expenses or other costs connected to the participation in the Congress. The course registration confirmation, which might be required for your application, will be sent to you by email once you complete the registration process.


For the hotel booking confirmation, please contact your accommodation provider. The invitation letter that might be requested for the visa application purpose can be obtained once your visa application has been approved.


Please enter the details for your invitation and click 'Create Visa Invitation'

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